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Canterbury University Varsity Results

17th May 2015

Track Event Results

EventPosition:Athlete No:Name:Club:Time:
400mH Women Time :13:00
1C Charlotte DanielCanterbury Christ Church University 74.40
2K Ine RaaUniversity of Kent78.02
3CC Biba ChutaCanterbury Christ Church University94.20
400mH Men Time :13:06
1K Joe GuntonUniversity of Kent67.04
2KK Oliver RogersUniversity of Kent68.42
3C Basil EniageCanterbury Christ Church University 69.71
100m Women Time :13:13
Heat:1 Wind : -2.0
1I Louise EvansInvicta East Kent AC13.54
2C Caitlin BensteadCanterbury Christ Church University 14.06
31164Sophie DelaneyInvicta East Kent AC14.10
4II Jasmine HardingInvicta East Kent AC14.36
5CC Zara ThornCanterbury Christ Church University14.63
6K Zoe Ortoli LockwoodUniversity of Kent15.82
7KK UnknownUniversity of Kent16.37
100m Men Time :13:17
Heat:1 Wind : -2.9
1IIBen SmallInvicta East Kent AC11.77
2I Jaffer AdamsInvicta East Kent AC11.95
3C Danni MensahCanterbury Christ Church University 12.02
4KK Diego CantoniUniversity of Kent12.08
5K Biyi AdetunjiUniversity of Kent12.25
6CC Basil EniageCanterbury Christ Church University 12.39
71165Chris NoyInvicta East Kent AC12.52
400m Women Time :13:25
1I Emma WoodInvicta East Kent AC60.87
2C Charlotte DanielCanterbury Christ Church University 63.38
3K Treya AnnUniversity of Kent72.55
4CC Sarah GatesCanterbury Christ Church University 73.47
5KK UnknownUniversity of Kent75.59
400m Men Time :13:29
1K Alex EveleghUniversity of Kent52.36
2I Dylan RigbyInvicta East Kent AC52.46
3KK Sean ValandUniversity of Kent53.40
4C Basil EniageCanterbury Christ Church University 54.94
5CC UnknownCanterbury Christ Church University 66.16
1500m Women Time :13:40
1C Jessica SwainCanterbury Christ Church University 5:29.54
2K Ellie MasonUniversity of Kent5:33.61
3KK UnknownUniversity of Kent5:44.35
4II Sarah HothamInvicta East Kent AC5:46.31
1500m Men Time :13:40
1I Jack GossInvicta East Kent AC3:58.91
2KK Ross BradenUniversity of Kent4:18.72
3K Ben WilsonUniversity of Kent4:23.26
4CC Matt CarterCanterbury Christ Church University 5:24.82
100mH Women Time :13:46
Heat:1 Wind : 3.0
1C Laura ReillyCanterbury Christ Church University 17.38
2KK UnknownUniversity of Kent18.75
3K Ine RaaUniversity of Kent19.52
110mH Men Time :13:52
Heat:1 Wind : 2.7
1CC UnknownCanterbury Christ Church University 20.32
2K Joe GuntonUniversity of Kent20.45
3KK Thomas JacksonUniversity of Kent21.17
4C Will EmesCanterbury Christ Church University 23.51
3000m Women Time :14:21
1I Amy OldInvicta East Kent AC10:34.15
2K Francesca KirbyUniversity of Kent13:04.04
3KK Anh TranUniversity of Kent13:07.43
4C Sarah GatesCanterbury Christ Church University 14:03.75
5CC Megan StottCanterbury Christ Church University 16:41.81
3000m Men Time :14:22
1K Ben WilsonUniversity of Kent9:27.77
2KK Chris HeronUniversity of Kent10:52.80
3C Sean JonesCanterbury Christ Church University 11:05.29
41171UnknownCanterbury Christ Church University 12:32.92
5CC Alex BaldwinCanterbury Christ Church University 12:32.99
6I Gavin KnightInvicta East Kent AC12:34.55
7II Carlo MonticolombiInvicta East Kent AC14:22.66
200m Women Time :14:26
Heat:1 Wind : 0.1
1C Laura ReillyCanterbury Christ Church University 26.99
2I Louise EvansInvicta East Kent AC27.69
3CC Caitlin BenfordCanterbury Christ Church University 29.15
4K Treya AnnUniversity of Kent29.76
5II Hannah ScrivensInvicta East Kent AC30.23
6KK UnknownUniversity of Kent42.49
200m Men Time :14:29
Heat:1 Wind : 1.6
1K Alex EveleghUniversity of Kent23.09
2KK Sean ValandUniversity of Kent23.50
3I Jaffer AdamsInvicta East Kent AC23.57
4II Chris NoyInvicta East Kent AC24.69
5C Danni MensahCanterbury Christ Church University 24.82
6CC UnknownCanterbury Christ Church University 25.73
5000m Time :14:54
11186Thomas PurnellCanterbury Harriers17:27.48
2I Steve BurtInvicta East Kent AC18:30.13
3KK George BrodieUniversity of Kent19:54.36
4K Austen ThygesenUniversity of Kent20:16.29
800m Women Time :15:01
1I Lily CowardInvicta East Kent AC2:25.00
2C Jessica SwainCanterbury Christ Church University 2:33.11
3CC Charlotte DanielCanterbury Christ Church University 2:33.58
4K Ellie MasonUniversity of Kent2:47.59
5KK Katie GoughUniversity of Kent3:05.43
800m Men Time :15:03
1I Jack GossInvicta East Kent AC1:58.03
2K Jacob RainierUniversity of Kent2:04.08
3KK Chris HeronUniversity of Kent2:10.58
4C UnknownCanterbury Christ Church University 2:21.57
5II Ewan WoodInvicta East Kent AC2:24.59
6CC Matt CarterCanterbury Christ Church University 2:24.92
71172Oliver HardingInvicta East Kent AC2:51.40
1500m SC Women Time :15:18
1K Jessica HoughtonUniversity of Kent6:34.64
2KK Ine RaaUniversity of Kent6:42.04
3C Jessica SwainCanterbury Christ Church University 8:53.00
4CC Sarah GatesCanterbury Christ Church University 8:53.07
2000m SC Men Time :15:33
1C Charlie WinchCanterbury Christ Church University 7:35.20
2CC UnknownCanterbury Christ Church University 7:57.45
3KK UnknownUniversity of Kent8:25.60
K University of KentDNF
4x100m Women Time :15:47
1I Invicta East Kent AC54.38
2K University of Kent63.68
3CC Canterbury Christ Church University 65.34
4KK University of Kent73.58
C Canterbury Christ Church University DNF
4x100m Men Time :15:51
1I Invicta East Kent AC45.65
2K University of Kent46.82
3C Canterbury Christ Church University 48.50
4CC Canterbury Christ Church University 51.96
KK University of KentDIS
4x400m Women Time :16:01
1I Invicta East Kent AC4:26.69
2C Canterbury Christ Church University 4:32.46
3K University of Kent5:13.42
4CC Canterbury Christ Church University 5:40.27
5KK University of Kent5:49.48
4x400m Men Time :16:09
1K University of Kent3:39.81
2I Invicta East Kent AC3:44.31
3KK University of Kent3:57.48
4C Canterbury Christ Church University 4:12.08
5CC Canterbury Christ Church University 4:23.89

Field Event Results

Event:Position:Athlete No:Name:Club:Distance/Height:
Shot Mens
1IDavid BapagaInvicta East Kent AC9.87
2KDan AveryUniversity of Kent8.99
3CTom CollinsCanterbury Christ Church University8.74
4KKGeorge BrodieUniversity of Kent8.20
5CCCallum McConnochnieCanterbury Christ Church University8.06
6IIDavid GlendowerInvicta East Kent AC7.43
71193John GilbertInvicta East Kent AC6.71
Shot Womens
1KDaphne RiesUniversity of Kent9.15
2KKZoe LockwoodUniversity of Kent6.90
3IHannah ScrivensInvicta East Kent AC6.40
4CMegan StottCanterbury Christ Church University5.43
5CCSarah GatesCanterbury Christ Church University3.87
High Jump Men
1KJahdo VanterpoolUniversity of Kent1.80
2KKMatt PriorUniversity of Kent1.65
2CWilliam EmesCanterbury Christ Church University1.65
4CCCallum McConnochnieCanterbury Christ Church University1.40
High Jump Women
1KKBeth GrimbeyUniversity of Kent1.40
2KJessie HoughtonUniversity of Kent1.30
3CBiba ChutaCanterbury Christ Church University1.20
Javelin Mens
1CCDavid MitchellCanterbury Christ Church University46.90
2IBen SmallInvicta East Kent AC44.78
3KJoe GuntonUniversity of Kent39.33
4IIChris MonticolombiInvicta East Kent AC29.39
5KKLoic AdamUniversity of Kent28.51
61193John GilbertInvicta East Kent AC17.35
Javelin Womens
1KDaphne RiesUniversity of Kent24.18
2IJasmine HardingInvicta East Kent AC21.97
3CLaura RileyCanterbury Christ Church University12.67
4CCBiba ChutaCanterbury Christ Church University12.16
5KKZoe LockwoodUniversity of Kent8.85
6IISophie DelaneyInvicta East Kent AC5.82
Long Jump Mens
1KKDiego CantoniUniversity of Kent5.55
2IJaffer AdamsInvicta East Kent AC5.55
3KJahdo VanterpoolUniversity of Kent5.43
4CCBasit EniageCanterbury Christ Church University5.37
5CWilliam EmesCanterbury Christ Church University4.97
6IIChris NoyInvicta East Kent AC4.51
Long Jump Womens
1CCaitlin BensteadCanterbury Christ Church University4.65
2IJasmine HardingInvicta East Kent AC4.30
3IIIsabelle HardingInvicta East Kent AC3.90
4KIne-Marie RagUniversity of Kent3.90
5CCZara ThornCanterbury Christ Church University3.30
6KKEllie MasonUniversity of Kent2.84
Discus Mens
1CDavid MitchellCanterbury Christ Church University34.03
2KDan AveryUniversity of Kent28.99
3IIChris MonticolombiInvicta East Kent AC22.62
41192David GlendowerInvicta East Kent AC20.13
5IDavid BabageInvicta East Kent AC19.52
61193John GilbertInvicta East Kent AC19.41
7CCDale TaggartCanterbury Christ Church University17.10
8KKJahdo VanterpoolUniversity of Kent16.21

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