Here's a chance for you to get involved with our new Virtual Relay Challenge. All you need is 3 or 4 of your club or team mates who want to run 5k. Ladies' teams are made up of 3 runners, Men's team are made up of 4 runners. Each of you runs 5k, independently of course and obeying social distancing. Record your time using your Garmin or Strava and submit your time onto our results platform.

We will total your team's time to see how you all got on collectively! The overall time of the 3 or 4 runners will be used to rank the teams. We have both Male and Female teams and age categories too. It's a great chance to test yourself and see how that training at home is going and team up with other runners on a virtual challenge.

There are 5 fixtures in total and points assigned to each team depending on their finishing position in each round, which results in Virtual Relay Challenge League winners! Each winning team in each category will earn a Champions Trophy!!

Entry must be a single Strava or Garmin segment. Loop must start and finish in roughly the same place.